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Dear JAS

The tour was a huge success!……. The real “icing” for us was at the Home Tour and thank you party last night……..  Here is the interesting story that took place as we were eating a buffet dinner. I sat next to a couple who live right below us and above the lake.  They also had their home on the tour. …….They asked who did our home and I mentioned JAS Design and how wonderful they had done with our home and that we had them at the tour etc.  Both husband and wife looked knowingly at each other and then stated that they knew about JAS Design.  In fact, you had come highly recommended to them 8-9 years ago for a bid to do the construction work (they had their own architect).  The only problem was that JAS couldn’t start the work “for two weeks” and they were impatient (their words, not mine).  So, they took a recommendation from their architect for a construction firm that could start “immediately” and the work began.  I asked them about the work and, they looked at each other, and launched into a dizzying story of “project from h__l” where the firm ended up charging them 3 times what the bid was, took 14 months instead of 7…….

The couple asked me about our experience with JAS.  I tried to be “gentle” after hearing their tale of woe.  I did manage to say that your work exceeded all expectations of what a remodel project could feel like both in terms of experience and artistry, you stuck to the bid/price range, you finished on time, your vendors were great, you keep the work site clean and orderly for our neighbors, and you managed the project with honesty and integrity.  We all looked at each other and the husband stated that he wished he could have taken back “those two weeks of impatience”!  I felt bad for this nice couple.

We look forward to our next project (after the stair runner completion) with JAS and we wish you mighty success for the new year.

Thanks again, K, P & B

Posted: January 30, 2014
Author: Dear JAS