JAS Design Build


Dear Kevin & Kim

Lindsay and I have many people to thank at JAS for our stunning remodel, but I would like to start with you, since design is where it all began. Thank you for giving us something fresh, innovative and truly original.  It is a perfect compilation of what we love and what we didn’t know we would love. There are so many design elements to gush about, but my favorite is the butler pantry (tardis). You were RIGHT Kim! My prediction is that the pantry will be copied by many after it makes a debut on various blogs and design venues. Mark my words. Lindsay and I love living, cooking and just being in the space. It is the best gift we have ever given ourselves and I’m glad we didn’t wait until we turned 80. Thank you for implementing your extraordinary vision and talent to create our dream home.

Posted: August 5, 2013
Author: Dear Kevin & Kim