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Hello Sara

Hello Sara,
It was great to come home and see all this wonderful grown-up furniture.😀 what have I been missing all these years???

The house will look perfect for the party. I am test driving my new blue chair in the master bedroom and loving it. The pillows, couches, tables, lamps, all seem to flow together. I especially like how you decorated the bookshelves as well. Thank you for the lovely flowers.

What A great opportunity this was for Bryce. It was a great first step for him to learn the ropes about an interior design project and so appreciate your mentor-ship and collaboration.
Best wishes to you and the rest of the JAS design team.
– Kris

Hi Sara,
Nicely done all around.  It was great to come in see everything installed, and we have now test driven all of the seating possibilities.  It all fits good.  All of the pillows work well for me, but what do I know.  Others may have other opinions.

Many thanks for all of your hard work, and it’s nice to get to the finish line!
– Pat, Kris and Bryce

Posted: May 31, 2019
Author: Hello Sara