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Hey Samantha

Hey Samantha,

Thanks so much for this update! ……..

I also wanted to tell you what a phenomenal job Alec did at our house today. Without prompting, he organized and cleaned our garage. It has never looked better! I can’t tell you how incredible this was – it was like an early Christmas gift! I have never had anyone take the initiative to get something done without me having to ask(and to do such an incredible job!). My life is full of asking people to do stuff and they do so pretty begrudgingly (life of a parent and a fundraiser I guess). To come home to a clean, organized, beautiful garage… it literally moved me to tears.

I have always loved working with JAS but this project that Alec took on, well it felt like someone taking care of me and my family. I cannot even begin to put into words how loving this gesture felt. I am so grateful to Alec and to JAS for always caring for our home and making it such a special place for our family.

With so much gratitude and thanks,

Posted: January 5, 2023
Author: Hey Samantha