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We were absolutely delighted when we saw the JAS sign go up in front of your house project!

 As you may or may not know, we have a long history with JAS, when they were a last minute bidder (referred from some friends who said we absolutely had to have them come in to make a bid) on our kitchen remodel.  We had already made a decision on who we were going to use but then reversed it, and since then we’ve referred them to lots of people.  Additionally, they are just now completing our Lopez cabin.  They are a truly phenomenal company in this day & age where corners are cut and budgets are tight.  Make sure you speak up if you have any thoughts / concerns / questions.  They have this way of turning potential areas of concern into win-wins all the way around.

 And if you haven’t yet met Kim, as our friend relayed to us after we were more than half way through our kitchen remodel, “She’s the secret weapon.”

Posted: May 30, 2013
Author: Stone & Steel